Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

As we are living in the 21st century and education plays a very important role in our life. Education is the third eye of a human being.It is an overall development of a human. If you really want to be successful in your life we need a degree with a proper skill. Doing any debate without proper knowledge is baseless. It is fundamental to human beings. It not only educates us but also gives us overall development of a person even if we want to take a job we have to show our education to our employers.
To embark on as we all know that there is a virus in our universe that is coronavirus (SARS-coV-2). There is a hell like condition outside and we have to stay all day and night. It is affecting the whole human race and every one is afraid of it.As it prevails by physical contact within the person and nobody shake hands, hug or kiss .even in public places people are afraid of everyone.
Furthermore It is affecting not only economy of the whole world but also education systems of the various countries many countries are doing online classes but the main problem is not the online classes the problem is that some students are unable to do their home or attend the classes because they belong to poor families or do not have internet access to them. The ratio of students varies differently as students in 8th class mostly use the internet to do their homework. According to research 15% of school going children do no not have heigh access to the internet. The families who have income less than $30,000 annually are 35% who are unable to access high speed internet.

Moreover, according to study one in five black teens claim that they are not able to complete their homework because they don\’t have proper resources that lack them behind in studies and 12% said that they use public internet to complete their homework as they do not have internet access at home. The number varies from family to family. On the other hand one in four even don\’t have a computer to do homework in Canada.
To conclude this, I am also an international student and it is very difficult to do online home work or attend the online classes. As everyone is using the internet sometimes the internet gets stuck or it stops working. As the corona virus is affecting the whole world so we have to cope with the whole of the world but it is obvious that this will affect the education system of the various countries. Many countries are taking major steps to complete this problem and they are doing well as in the U.S most of the courses are done online. If some of the students are facing major problems but this is only the solution to follow the instruction of social distancing. It will keep us fit and we will remain healthy if we stay at home. Government is doing each and every step for the welfare of their people. Hope everything will be alright and again in good situations.